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mLogcat  shows logcat, kernel messages and the CPU/Memory history simultaneously.

The version has been added the built-in source viewer and integrated with external editors.

You can easily navigate the source code!!





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   2015-09-10 : mLogcat released. 

    Change: Added and removed formats for source viewer.

     Fix: some bugs are fixed.


  2014-01-24 : mLogcat released.

    New: You can toogle a bookmark by double clicking on a list item (only 1 item available).


  2013-10-31 : mLogcat released.

    Fix: Fixed to filter by PID.

    Change: Find Item -> Find/Refilter Item (Menu).


  2013-10-25 : mLogcat released.

    Fix: Fixed to run on Windows XP  (The procedure entry point GetTickCount64

            could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.)

  2013-10-14 : mLogcat released.

     New : Added the built-in source viewer and integrated with external editors.

     New : Added the system monitoring feature.

     New : Now you can close a device even if it is disconnected.
     New : changed the property list control to the rich edit control in the view.

     Fix: The column "Process Name" sometimes was not displayed correctly while updating the PID list.
     Fix: The column "Message" was cut off at 260 characters.
     Fix: Several bugs are fixed.


  2013-07-13 : mLogcat released.

     Fix: [Settings]: modified to quickly display the [Settings] dialog.


  2013-06-24 : mLogcat released.

     New: [All View]: added to change styles(font and colors).


  2013-04-23 : mLogcat released.

     Fix: [Find]: it does not find the text in the column "Process Name".
     New: [Kernel View]: added to hide 4 columns (PID, TID, Process Name and Tag).


Main features

 1. Various views

  - Item View

  - Message View

  - Logcat View

  - Kernel View

  - Bookmark View

  - Refilter View

  - Source View

  - System Monitor


 2. Features of message views (QXDM Style)

  - Auto-scrolling

  - Logcat (Main, System, Event and Radio) messages.

  - Kernel messages.

  - Finding Text

  - Filtering

  - Copying to the clipboard

  - Sync all message views.


 3. Opening/Saving a file


 4. Limitations

  - Character set

     Logcat Message : UTF-8, Kernel Message : MBCS -> mLogcat(MBCS) -> Export & Copy(MBCS)

  - “Export Items to Text” and “Copy to Clipboard” Menu are only available for selected items.



Quick Guide

 - How to use the Source View

 - Version







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